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Who am I?
February 6, 2021

An introduction? Well a soul who passed 3 decades in this beautiful world. Married? Yes! Happily for 6 years. Family? A proud son of my parents and in laws. A family person from top to bottom! I love my family Profession? A creative professional making photographs in events and weddings. An educator tutoring photography among the creative enthusiasts. The team I breathe in, #TeamCheckmate. That’s where ...

Visual Narrative : Mallick Ghat Flower Market
February 14, 2021

Kolkata is a darling to me! A visit once a year is a must for me. And for photographers? It’s a heaven. In this edition we’ll be unfolding the Mallick Ghat which is considered as Asia’s biggest flower mandi (market) & was built by Ram Mohun Mallick in 1855, making it 164 years old today! A city with more than three hundred years of history is running with another 125 years old history. Just below the Howrah Bridge on the banks of Hoogly River ...

Embracing Medium Format
February 15, 2021

A back story at first. A decade back got my hands into a borrowed APS-C DSLR Sony Alpha 250. Days later it was snatched back from me by it’s original owner (Not sure what they did to that camera, I miss the struggling with A250!). Without a camera for 2 years and Mommy dear came to rescue. A 60D with 18–135 lens, professionally sparked my photography career and here I am after 10 years, with a Medium Format! Fortune favors the brave, that’s a pers...

Visual Narrative : Tiretta Bazar
February 15, 2021

What more can be enjoyed in an early morning photo-walk filled with great foods, let me introduce to you the lessar known Tiretta Bazar. This Chinese community better in weekends with a variety of breakfast options offering total foodgasm! To get the maximum choice in terms of menu, reaching early as possible better just after sunrise beacuse 7.30am onwards the good items start getting sold out. Weekends offer the best variety but we missed due ...

Visual Narrative : Spice Souk “Dubai”
February 17, 2021

Visiting dubai but not experiencing the heritage of it, well that might not be a good move. As per the agenda taken months back in 2018, whenever I go for a vacay, a time is allocated to experience one of the heritage site of the coveted tourist place. The same agenda was present when I was visiting Dubai, Let’s see what’s in the Spice Souk! That fragrant market is just a few blocks from the Gold Souk, and features romantically narrow alleys and...

Into the greens : Mymensingh
February 17, 2021

With a boiling pain just above the right ankle with a sprain you just got days back, what can take over? Love and respect of the couple who wants to have the clicks in your hand, a caring team to work with and to meet the greenary away from the tiring city life. The desire to click again and again into the newer pastures have always endured over any other agenda. Mymensingh have been a personal favorite from the first time I’ve visited 12 years ba...

June 22, 2023

Pak Khlong Talat as it is locally known means “market at the mouth of the canal”. The area originally started as a floating market in the early 18th century

June 22, 2023

The dockyard is in the town of Keranigonj where the working environment and the lifestyle are frighteningly dangerous which is full of industrial activities. Around 20,000 workers work here every day and it’s a matter of great regret

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