A back story at first. A decade back got my hands into a borrowed APS-C DSLR Sony Alpha 250. Days later it was snatched back from me by it’s original owner (Not sure what they did to that camera, I miss the struggling with A250!). Without a camera for 2 years and Mommy dear came to rescue. A 60D with 18–135 lens, professionally sparked my photography career and here I am after 10 years, with a Medium Format!

Fortune favors the brave, that’s a personal belief. I can remember countless nights without sleep planning my next snap, processing the photos I take, learning new stuffs (It never ends!!!!) for the next piece of Gear / Glass I’m planning to own.

Excited with the dynamic range, Fuji Color Science, The Big Medium Format Sensor and what not, Retro looked Fujifilm GFX 50R paired with a nifty fifty (The focal length I missed for so long). Planning it to be my Go-to Gear alongside the professional assignments. Here goes a SOOC (Straight Out of the Camera) snap I took from the first shoot I covered just after purchasing it.

Well aware with the fuji film simulation, now with the exciting dynamic range it’s time to snap and process my favorite BnW which I craved for a long time. There will be more posts about the Medium Format Shooting as I’ll be gradually growing up with the system and adopting it’s pros & cons.

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