What more can be enjoyed in an early morning photo-walk filled with great foods, let me introduce to you the lessar known Tiretta Bazar. This Chinese community better in weekends with a variety of breakfast options offering total foodgasm!

get the maximum choice in terms of menu, reaching early as possible better just after sunrise beacuse 7.30am onwards the good items start getting sold out. Weekends offer the best variety but we missed due to tight schedule.

History Check : During the time of Warren Hastings, the first governor-general of British India, a businessman by the name of Tong Achi established a sugar mill, along with a sugar plantation at Achipur, 33 kilometres (21 mi) from Calcutta, on the bank of the Hooghly River near the town of Budge Budge. A temple and the grave of Tong Achi still remain and are visited by many Chinese Indians, who arrive from the city to celebrate the Chinese New Year. [Source : Wikipedia]

Locals sell authentic homemade Chinese delicacies such as tofu and pickles, chilli sauce, soy sauce, roast pork sausages and prawn wafers.

Opt for steamed chicken momos with spicy sauces, the fried pork pao or the rice balls — each and every delicacy will leave your taste buds asking for more. The lively Tiretta Bazaar is definitely a tribute to Kolkata’s cosmopolitan culture.

irst stop to this market is usually the stall of a lady in her late forties who gets the best stuff in the market. She hardly smiles & reminds of a strict English teacher, but she knows how to sell out fastest!

the corner of the street there is a garden umbrella attached to a tiny round table. On top of that there are tiny baskets with lots of cutlery. Few bottles of sauces are there kept. For the infamous fish ball soup this setup is all about.

Thin, clear, very tasty & refreshing hot piping soup garnished with herbs & solid hand pounded meatballs in the soup. Looks very very tasty.

The number of Chinese vendors is reducing over the years as their kids seem to be taking up other professions. So, go, get a taste of this unique food before it vanishes from the streets of Kolkata.

Used only one focal length for these shots. The trusted 85mm G Master paired with Sony A7 Mark III in a relatively hostile environment as these natives are not used to be photographed. It’s a great escapade for photographers who want to experience something out of the box in the city of joy.

Till next time.