Pak Khlong Talat as it is locally known means “market at the mouth of the canal”. The area originally started as a floating market in the early 18th century (during the reign of King Rama I). Later, in the 19th century, the area became a large fish market. In the 1950s, when local authorities grew tired of the market’s fish smell permeating central Bangkok, flower and produce vendors could occupy the area, which eventually developed into the current Bangkok Flower Market.

Did a photo-walk from 3:30am – 5:00am, one of the most busiest time of the day.

Pak Khlong Talat night market was once a large fish market where fish were sent directly from Tha Chin River, Samut Sakon province by Chao Phraya River. Later, it was changed into a market where vegetables, fruits, and fresh flowers were sold. Nowadays, Pak Khlong Talat market consists of four main markets namely the Marketing Organization market which belongs to the Ministry of the Interior, Yod Pimarn market, ICP flower market, and Buddha Yotfa market which all three belong to the private sector. Pak Khlong Talat market is at the fourth rank among the top ten flower markets around the world. It is also the third biggest orchid flower market in the world.

October / 2022

Bangkok, Thailand