Visiting dubai but not experiencing the heritage of it, well that might not be a good move. As per the agenda taken months back in 2018, whenever I go for a vacay, a time is allocated to experience one of the heritage site of the coveted tourist place. The same agenda was present when I was visiting Dubai, Let’s see what’s in the Spice Souk!

That fragrant market is just a few blocks from the Gold Souk, and features romantically narrow alleys and mounds of rainbow-colored herbs, along with kitchenwares like utensils. In this souk you will look astonishe at the fragrant and colorful bags full of cinnamon, Arabic tea, incense, cloves, Safran and many other herbs and spices. You will not soon forget this colorful scene!

Have even heard of Iranian Saffron? Can you assume how much 1 gram will cost? Bet you can’t!

The easiest way to travel to the Spice Souk is by using the metro. You can get off at the metro stop Al Ras Metro station, from here it is only a few minutes walk to the spice market in Deira district.

The Spice Souk is one of the most popular souks in Dubai. Its narrow passages are lined with small stores selling every herb and spice under the sun. The air is filled with pungent aromas emanating from colorful sacks of cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, pepper, cloves, nutmeg, and dried fruits.

Here we met this Iranian guy in their family shop. Been in the market for more than 20 years and experiencing an up and down in the spice souk scenario, no. of shops going down and yet again rising, the legacy of the families keep the show running!

Stores in the Spice Souk sell a variety of fragrances and spices from frankincense and shisha to the many herbs used in Arabic and South Asian food. In addition, several household, textiles, tea, incense, rugs and artifacts are also sold in the Spice Souk. A majority of the trading occurs through haggling. The quantity of trade as well as the number of stores trading spices in the Spice Souk have been significantly reduced in recent years due to the growth larger stores and supermarkets and the number of household stores has incredibly gained. [Wikipedia].

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